July 12 ·

Excellent service. Super friendly and knowledgeable staff!

Last year we called Daryl's AC to come see why our plenum in the attic was frosting over. They explained what parts they could replace and the likelihood that it would break again soon. Very low-pressure. We decided to replace vs repair. They repaired the plenum and inspected the entire system.

A few months ago our AC unit outside stopped working. We were able to get it back on by allowing the fan motor to cool, then it would start up again. We had Daryl's crew come check it out but at the time the units looked fine and there was nothing to fix. Since we were an established client, this 2 HOUR system investigation cost us NOTHING! The crew consisted of three guys who all were smiling and polite. They explained everything they inspected and said they really tried to find a problem so they could fix it and KNOW it was fixed. I appreciated this because they wanted to fix it for me to ensure I had a working system.

Late last night our AC died. We tried all of the fixes the crew showed us a few months back but unfortunately nothing worked. At 7:45 this morning I text Daryl that the outside unit was no longer working and that I'd be home all day. At 9:30 he text that he dispatched a crew and they showed up at 9:40!!! Waylon and Dan were super nice, friendly, and professional. Waylon said he'd look at my outside unit to see if he could get it up and running. At 10:00 Waylon came back inside with a very old and rusted capacitor that looked like it was going to explode! He explained that it was the culprit, why it broke, what it does in the unit, and what he did to fix it. He said all is good and he sees no need to replace the unit at this time. Waylon asked if I had any questions, which I did not because he explained everything very clearly, then said Dan was working up the invoice. Dan came in with the clear, concise, invoice. I wrote a check and we chatted a bit about the service.

I HIGHLY recommend this company to everyone! I have seen three of their crews and all are amazing! They are all friendly, respectful, prompt, and in great spirits. This shows me how much they like their jobs and their boss, Daryl.

I really appreciate you guys!!! A/C is VERY important here in South Texas and having a company I can trust gives me great peace of mind.

Ashley- 5 star

May 30 ·
Our AC went out completely, so much so that it was 90 inside the house. Mike came out right away (literally 10min after I called at 5pm) and said the condenser was toast. They are replacing my entire system in the morning AND loaned us portable AC units to get us through the night. Mike is very professional and knowledgeable, is a definite pleasure to work with. Daryl is very courteous and was able to work with us on the new install. BEST GUYS EVER!

Trevor- 5 star

August 26 ·
I have been a customer since 2008 and always been super impressed with Daryl. He responds quickly and goes beyond to help. This weekend my A.C. went out ...as usual on a weekend and at the hottest possible time! Daryl responded to my call immediately and sent Dave out to check. It has turned out to be something that cannot be repaired until Mon or Tues. I have senior dogs who cannot tolerate the heat and they made sure that there is air in part of my home. Dave was very kind and explained eveything in detail. I highly recommend this business!


May 9 ·
Darly the owner is on top of it, Had a problem Monday evening and he had 2 of his men come out within the hr. Put freeon it was fine until Wed. Evening got home and it was 77 degrees called Darryl, even though he is Swamped , He had 2 men come out within the hour and found out it was a bad Valve in attic , Replaced it and has cold air. Shout out to Michael and Eric for Great Service and finding the problem quickly, Good Job, Highly recommend Darryl s Air!!!!

Diana- 5 star

May 13 ·
Amazing Service!! Prompt and Fair with Pricing!!! They rescued us on Mother's Day! Answered our cry for help on a Saturday. Repaired our problem and we will be calling them for our scheduled maintenance service from now on! Who in TEXAS doesn't need a good dependable reasonable AC Company!! Thank you Guys for such great service!!! Hired Hands Day Spa & Salon

Reyne- 5 star

May 10 ·
Michael and Eric came to installed a new AC Unit in my Son's home time 5/10/18 . The service was fantastic these Gentlemen know that job and are very efficient at doing it . Wonderful experience dealing with these AC installers . Thank you so much .

Elisa- 5 star

May 17 ·
Our upstairs a/c unit went out on us last night. The husband was out of town, my son and his friends were over to watch the Rockets and it was 80 degrees up there. Thankful Michael with Daryl's a/c came out and fixed the problem quickly.

Iris- 5 star